Character profiles: Elsie James


Born on Earth before the Wars that ravaged that planet had broken out, Elsie enjoyed a normal childhood and was extremely close to her parents. Tragically made an orphan at a young age, Elsie spent her teenage years living with her uptight Aunt Veronica, who had promised Elsie’s father she would care for her should anything happen to him.

When Elsie turned sixteen, the Government announced “The Split”, the process in which all valuable and skilled workers would be permitted to board a spaceship called the Mayfly and leave Earth, travelling to the planet Novum to rebuild civilisation.

Following the announcement, Elsie applies to attend Snowdonia College – one of the last remaining educational institutes in the country- and is accepted, intending to study hard so that she may have a chance of being accepted aboard the Mayfly.

Whilst at College, Elsie befriends the shy and reserved Alfie Sommers, and later, the charismatic Austin De Havilland, whom she enters into a relationship with. Together, the three of them discover a strange secret which could threaten everything humanity has planned for upon leaving Earth.

When Austin’s obsession with their secret turns sour, Elsie finds herself abandoned and alone, in desperate need to find passage onto the Mayfly if she is to save the life of their newborn son, Will



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