Honest review of The Split

Thank you so much Harini! So glad you enjoyed the book


Character profiles: Kurt Krecher

Kurt Krecher is the mysterious Alien Studies teacher with a past full of secrets. Originally teaching on Earth at College Snowdonia, Kurt can't believe his eyes when he sees William James, the son of his two former students Elsie and Austin, in his class at The Space Academy. Their encounter brings many of Krecher's repressed... Continue Reading →

Character profiles: Elsie James

  Born on Earth before the Wars that ravaged that planet had broken out, Elsie enjoyed a normal childhood and was extremely close to her parents. Tragically made an orphan at a young age, Elsie spent her teenage years living with her uptight Aunt Veronica, who had promised Elsie's father she would care for her... Continue Reading →

Character Profiles: William James

Born in the year 2100, Will's mother risked her life to secure him a place aboard the Mayfly- the spaceship that will transport humanity to a brand new planet where they can start anew. His father, Austin, was killed in a mysterious explosion before he was born, leaving Will with a series of unanswered questions that his... Continue Reading →

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