Character Profiles: William James

Born in the year 2100, Will’s mother risked her life to secure him a place aboard the Mayfly- the spaceship that will transport humanity to a brand new planet where they can start anew. His father, Austin, was killed in a mysterious explosion before he was born, leaving Will with a series of unanswered questions that his mother refuses to talk about.

Will grows up on Floor One, the prestigious upper-class sector of the Mayfly, and lives a life of luxury and privilege. At age thirteen, Will is accepted into The Space Academy, the reputable school that everybody his age is vying to get into. Whilst there, he attends lessons in Alien Studies, Technology, Rocket Control, Combat and Weaponry and Civilisations, but ends up learning much more than he bargained for as the year goes on.

Befriending Finley Campbell, a poor boy from Floor Seven, causes him to become alienated from his old friends and provides him with a several enemies when he rescues Finley from an attack carried out by another student. Soon after, Will begins to unravel the truth about his father’s death, becoming entwined in a mystery that forces him to revisit the past and awaken some rather terrifying demons along the way!

With help from Finley, their friend, Emily Pannell, and the Captain’s daughter, Lois Sommers, Will begins to fit the pieces of the puzzle together, discovering that the real enemy is a lot closer to home than he ever imagined…



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